specialists in manufacturing quality horseboxes

founded over 30 years ago by Michael Oates Haddock, john oates horseboxes have designed and built some of the finest horseboxes on the market. 

John oates horseboxes are manufactured to the highest standards, using only the best materials and a wealth of experience and knowledge in delivering horseboxes that provide ultimate safety, comfort and style, at an affordable price. 


Why a John Oates horsebox?

At John Oates Horseboxes we a re passionate about our products, and our brand, and its heritage. 

We pride ourselves on the quality of the worksmanship that goes into every horsebox we produce, and guarantee the quality of the materials are of the highest  possible standard, giving our boxes ISO9001 approval.

Our horseboxes are coachbuilt, not converted, designed with innovation, crafted with experience and knowledge, and beautifully finished.

John Oates Horseboxes, experience the difference.



Our horseboxes are completely built in-house, every build watched over and inspected by Michael himself.

unlike many we do not buy in horseboxes and brand them as our own.

For more info call John Oates Horseboxes on:

0121 526 3767

British Designed

British Built

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