Whatever is the reason for which you are willing to transport your horse, using horseboxes is always a wise idea. With the right vehicle by your side, you don’t have to depend on someone else to transport your horses to the required destination. You can either invest in a model with all the advanced features and luxurious living area or choose something affordable. The spacious area provides extra comfort to your horses during long journeys.

Though there are so many advantages of using high-quality horseboxes, there are a few horse owners who have not yet bought one. This is primarily because they still have a few queries about the vehicle. Answering those is a must so that they can invest in the right vehicle and enjoy all the benefits offered by horseboxes.

Interested In Horseboxes For Sales? Solve Your Queries First

  • From Whom Can I Insure My Horseboxes?”

Though insuring your horseboxes in Leeds is indeed a wise thing to do, it is not mandatory for you to approach a specific body for insuring the vehicle. There are numerous companies all over the UK offering insured horseboxes at the reasonable rates. All you need to do is approach someone reliable. You can also ask their staff to help you find the best deal in the market.

  • “Can I Drive A 7.5 Tonne Horsebox?”

Whether you can legally drive a 7.5-tonne horsebox or not is generally dependent on when you have passed your driving test. You can legally drive the 7.5 T vehicles if you have passed it before 1997. If it is after 1997, you can drive only 3.5 T vehicles. This is why companies offering horseboxes for sale suggest their customers to consider the date of passing their driving test before finalising the horsebox model.


  • “What Do I Have To Check When Buying Horseboxes?”

Though every new horsebox looks flawless and appealing, it is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that they are making a satisfactory purchase. Check the bodywork, condition of the exhaust, balance springs, hinges, woodwork, cab floor and the engine. If you are investing in a second-hand vehicle, check whether there are any damp patches on the floor. Approach a reliable professional for a pre-purchase inspection if you want to have complete peace of mind.

  • “Are There Any Legal Weight Restrictions?”

If you are driving your horseboxes on public roads, there are a few legal weight restrictions you need to follow. You will be held for committing an offence if the vehicle is overcrowded, even if you are not the owner. You will be prevented from continuing the journey and have to start looking for an alternative mode of transport. Since this can turn out to be quite confusing, maintaining the weight limits is always a wise decision.

Since all your queries about horseboxes have been answered, it’s time you start looking for a reliable company offering high-quality horseboxes at affordable prices.

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