Bespoke Horseboxes 

John Oates horsebox range covers a wide spectrum of requirements, from a basic entry level horsebox to a full luxury living horsebox.

We are on hand to help you Design your own horsebox to meet your exact specification and requirement.

From choice of chassis, to internal layout, features and options, and paint colour and graphics.

this is Your horsebox, it’s your choice.

For more information about your new john oates horsebox call us today on:

0121 526 3767

All the John Oates Horseboxes start with a standard framework and from here you can choose which type of stall you prefer  and whether you will require any living, grooms, tack area. 

 The key consideration at this point is going to be payload, and result in which weigh vehicle you are going to need, as the average payload on a 3.5t horsebox is going to be around the 1.1t mark.

If you are going to require an greater payload and need more scope and facilities, we would recommend you consider either a 3.9t or a 4.5t Horsebox and don’t compromise what you really want and need for weight.

We have a range of layout options you can choose from, on 3.5t, 3.9t and 4.5t or you may even want to go bigger with a 6.5t or 7t Horsebox.

Once you have established the build size, then the fun bit begins, how many widows, what size partitions, roof vents, fans, pads, lighting, living, tack lockers, and finishing touches.

Horsebox design is decided on, then our expert draughtsman will prepare a 3d image of your bespoke  horsebox  for you to approve.  

The John Oates Horseboxes are completely fabricated from the chassis up so a build can take up to 10 weeks from order to completion. 

The development team at John Oates will keep you full advised of the progress of your horsebox build, and you will be welcome to visit the workshop at strategic points through out the build to view the quality of the workmanship and materials  used in the creation of your bespoke horsebox.

When your box is built and has been fully inspected, signed off internally , serviced and MOT’d you will be invited to collect your beautiful bespoke horsebox from our showroom where James will personally carry out the handover, just part of the end to end service we provide at John Oates Horseboxes.


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