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The focus of a horsebox driver is not only on ensuring the well-being of the horses but also on driving safely. A sudden breakdown or blowout can mean your trailer maybe stranded in the middle of a busy road which is why such situations should be avoided. Though there are numerous ways to ensure the safety of the vehicle on the road, ensure that the tyres you are using are appropriate and safe. They should be strong enough to carry the weight of the horse and the trailer. Following a few tips can help a great deal in preventing tyre failures.

  • Check Weight Load Index

Horseboxes have a specific weight load index and it is your responsibility to ensure that the tyres you are using are suitable for that load. If you want to know the pound per square inch (PSI) rate of inflation, the best person to talk with is the manufacturer. Use a gauge to check the tyre pressure every time you start or end your trip. If you think that deflating them a bit will ensure a smoother ride, it’s high time you debunk that myth.

  • Handle With Care

If you think that only fragile items need to be handled with care, it’s high time you debunk the myth. Every horsebox tyre requires a high maintenance service as a sudden blowout can be both unpleasant and dangerous.  Inspect them on a regular basis and look for signs of wear and tear like areas with worn tread, bubbles and cuts. It is a must for the depth of the tread to be at least 1.6mm if you want to ensure legal towing in the UK. Balding tyres and shallower tread are not only illegal but also decreases their control and grip and makes them hazardous.

Few More Tips To Prevent Tyre Failure

  • A majority of the horseboxes for sale are quite long and so extra care should be taken when cornering the vehicle to protect its tyres. This will prevent its innermost part from getting scraped which generally happens when the vehicle is dragged on the road.
  • Two points you need to remember when driving is to maintain adequate distance from other vehicles and drive only on the left lane when possible.
  • The tyres you are using should be in accordance with the weight of your horseboxes in Essex.
  • Check the ratings of the tyres and ensure that they are appropriate and in accordance with the load you are towing.
  • The position of your horsebox tyres should be rotated after every 5,000 miles which will not only make your drive safe but also enhance the durability of the tyres.
  • Opt for vehicles with two axles as they can support the weight of the animals better and improves your protection.

This being said, it’s time you follow all the tips stated above and ensuring the safety of your horsebox tyres will become a lot easier.

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