Are you a seasoned horse owner who needs to transport horses regularly to participate in shows and exhibitions? Or, are you thinking of purchasing a new horse and wondering about the best way to transport your prized animals? Getting a new horsebox can be the most informed decision!

Finding a vehicle is simple enough, but what you truly need is a horsebox that is really great. Whether you want the most durable transportation option for your horses or you are concerned about transferring your horses, you need to make the final decision carefully. Buying horseboxes in East Midlands are significant investments and thus you should ensure that the vehicle you are buying is sturdy enough to bear the load of your animals.

Below is everything you need to know about transporting your horses safely!

Choosing Bespoke Horseboxes In East Midlands

It’s very important to find a trailer where you can transport your horse in. One of the key considerations you need to keep in mind is to check if your animal can comfortably fit in the vehicle. It needs to be of adequate height so that your animal can raise their head and get the necessary comfort during transit.

Regardless of the horsebox you choose, ensure that it allows you to load and unload the animals safely. You should even ensure that your box has extra mirrors so that you can have maximum visibility of the road and vehicle.

Safety And Maintenance Of Your Horse Box

Before taking your animals out in the vehicle, you can practice driving with the box attached. You should even practice parking so that you do not find yourself stressed on the day you have to transport your horse. Maintaining your vehicle is another aspect which you must keep in mind. Make sure that that the tyres and brakes are not worn over and that your lights are back. For ensuring utmost safety, you should get it checked with your state authority.

Horseboxes for sale

Preparing Your Horses For A Trip

Trailers can get very hot, leaving your horse unsettled. Thus, you should ensure that your trailer is well-equipped with enough water for hydration. Keep offering water to your animals every 2 hours during the transit so that you can avoid dehydration. You should even ensure that the vehicle you are buying is well-ventilated. While finding horseboxes for sale, ensure that you have beddings and all other necessary accessories for your animal within the vehicle.

Transporting Your Horse

Once you get out onto the road you should definitely consider the speed of your driving. Do not brake too hard or accelerate too quickly. Since trailers take time to catch up with the speed of your vehicle, you should ensure that a steady speed is maintained. Stop mid-way so that the animal can relieve hydrate and rest itself. Unload your horse in a safe environment where there’s enough space to move and stretch around.

So what are you still here for? Quickly approach a leading manufacturer who specialises in offering bespoke horseboxes and be assured of the safety of your horses!

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