If you still think that designing, building or buying a horsebox is a daunting task, it might be because you have still not approached a reliable company offering horseboxes for sale. There are even a few who think that buying one will punch a hole in their pocket. The best you can do if you are willing to save a few pounds is to opt for second-hand vehicles or design your own horseboxes according to your requirements and budget.

Buy Or Hire?

Though there are numerous companies offering horseboxes on hire as well, buying them is always a wise decision if you are willing to own, ride or show horseboxes with the pride of an owner. Every existing owner will agree to the fact that buying one is always a considerable financial investment. But before you start looking for a reliable company offering it at affordable prices, enhance your knowledge about the buying process.

Few Vital Questions To Ask Before Investing In Horseboxes

  • For what purposes will you use the vehicle?
  • How often will you use it?
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you want horsebox insurance?
  • Why you are making this investment?
  • Do you need a motorised or a towed box?
  • Will you travel abroad with the vehicle?
  • What type of security or storage facility are you looking for?
  • Are you a professional or amateur rider?

How Much Do You Have To Pay For The Vehicle?

The price of horseboxes for sale is generally dependent on the type of vehicle you are investing in. Though you can save a few pounds by designing it or opting for a towed horsebox, an additional driving test might be necessary for the latter if a valid license is missing. Though people generally prefer the motorised variety as they have a few additional features and are quite powerful which makes them capable of towing the weight of the horses, contents and the horsebox.

Make Your Horsebox Secure

Whether you are planning or building your own horsebox or just designing it, you should know how to keep it secured. This is primarily because rural theft has become quite common in the UK nowadays. The resale value of these vehicles is quite high and so thieves target it if they ever get access. If you are planning to put the vehicle in a separate storage area outside your house, ensure there is a sturdy lockable gate between the road and that area. If you have already invested a significant amount to buy an advanced towed box or a motorised horsebox, spend a few more pounds and install a CCTV alarm or a complete security system in the storage area.

Since your knowledge about horseboxes has enhanced, it’s time you start looking for a reliable company offering the vehicle at a price which suits your budget.

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