Are you a horse lover who loves competing or taking his or her best friends away in the countryside? But, do you find driving those awkward trailers and huge lorries frustrating? Looking for ways to ensure the safe transportation of your horses? Buying a 3.5-tonne horsebox can be your best choice!

No matter whether you have ponies, mare or horses, buying a horsebox can be your most viable option to date. Built with the finest quality materials, these vehicles can help you ensure the safety of your horses during transportation. A sturdy vehicle can even make things less stressful and much easier for you, this is because when you approach leading manufacturers, you can be assured of bespoke horseboxes in Oxford which cater to your exact requirements.

Wondering what makes buying a sturdy horsebox so beneficial? Read on to learn the great benefits of buying a high-quality 3.5-tonne horsebox!

5 Good Reasons To Purchase 3.5 Tonne Horseboxes

  1. Easy To Manoeuvre And Drive

Anyone who regularly travels with horses will agree that manoeuvring a large trailer or HGV on and off the ground can be a tricky process. Be it on or off the field, reversing and turning big vehicles can be very stressful and using a 3.5-tonne horsebox can thus be very beneficial since it is easier to drive on UK roads. These vehicles are basically the size of vans can be manoeuvred in and out of tight spaces easily.

  1. Can Be Driven On A Standard UK Driving License

Perhaps, the biggest benefit you can reap by purchasing 3.5-tonne horseboxes is that these vehicles can be easily driven on your standard UK driving license. Owning vehicles of these sizes and weight do not require you to hold an HGV license. If you have a normal driving license you will even be free from taking any other screening process or test at all.

Horseboxes Oxford

  1. Parking Gets Simpler

With a 3.5-tonne horsebox, not only does manoeuvring and driving get easier, but even parking the vehicle gets much easier. Since these vehicles are much smaller and take up less space in general, finding a place to park and squeeze into a space is simpler too. The fact that your vehicle can fit into any standard parking space makes it ideal for every use.

  1. Affordable Running Costs

Another huge benefit you can reap by opting for horseboxes for sale is that these are much more cost-effective to run. The 3.5-tonne horseboxes generally run on less fuel and cost less to insure, making them an affordable option for all. Even the labour usually costs less than they would on an HGV.

  1. Can Easily Fit Tight Country Lanes

A large horsebox can be a nightmare to squeeze down farm driveways or tight lanes. Having a 3.5-tonne vehicle can be the ideal way to avoid such problems since these transports can easily pull into any passing point. This allows the road to flow freely, helping you avoid all kind of hassle.

So what are you still here for? It’s time to buy a bespoke 3.5-tonne horsebox from a reputed manufacturer!

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